“After 2 days of using the mats, I can already notice improvements in sound quality. No static electricity, more open sound…Many thanks!”

I’m using your slip mats. Designed very simple and minimal, that I love it. Somehow stick to record from static electricity always. But the sound very stable always.

“The slipmats looks absolutely amazing! Fantastic job.”

“Yes, we got them and we LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!!
Lets stay in touch to order more in the future, they are so good.”
Really liked the look of the leather one, and the potential to be branded.

“Your products looks very nice and am really interested in leather and cork&rubber mat? Leather in all colors. “

“These slip mats look great!”

“We have great descriptions of the Cork & Cork/Rubber mats.”

“Got them. Love them. 
I love the quality of it and I think we will be heading for the sparkly Rubber Cork version and the cappuccino colored leather, possibly with branding. “

It looks awesome! I loving this stuff. Respect!”

Okay, I’m using the slipmats now and they are fantastic. Visually my favourite is the leather one and I love the embossing which looks fabulous. Personally I think the cork and rubber sounds the best.”

Wonderful turntable mat!  I’m interested in product made in Portugal. Laser print is wonderful! “

“Cork and rubber is still my favourite. i’m thinking about my first idea again. The japanese packaging is a great idea :)”

These look excellent. 

A colleague and I tested these over the festive break, I really love it. 
The cork and cork/rubber mats are nice, but I feel the leather ones really provide an exquisite feel and look.

“I got the mats, thank you so much. They look fantastic!”

“Hey, nice!
These are really cool 🙂
I think the rubber/cork mix is best for ESP.”

HEy I’m really into the idea of MAT slipmats

Hey, Your products look really great.”

“Hey Miguel,
Many thanks for sending this through. These slipmats look great, I’ve never heard of a leather one before.”