“The slipmats looks absolutely amazing! Fantastic job.”

“Yes, we got them and we LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!!
Lets stay in touch to order more in the future, they are so good.”

“These slip mats look great! Any chance of more of the same, please?

Many thanks

These look excellent. 

The cork and cork/rubber mats are nice, but the leather really provide an exquisite feel and look.

“Hey, Yes this would be great ! We’d love to make some MFM slip mats 🙂

“I got the NTS rubber & cork one myself… A Cork & Leather one would be great.”

“Hey. Finally, am super happy to say I have the mats! Brilliant thank you!

“Got the package today!  We love the mats!  Thank you so much!

Thank you for beautiful mat😆