This leather mat is having less static than felt mats, along with sound dampening properties. Made of a premium leather single piece, improves sound and offers sonic characteristics,
by reducing vibration transfer to the playing surface, allowing your cartridge to deliver a more stable high-fidelity performance. The high-friction but smooth surface also allows for fluid record rotation with minimal slip.


Diameter: 29.5 cm 
Thickness: 1,8mm
Color: Black, Brown, Natural, Chocolate
Custom leather construction:
– dampens resonance from metal turntables. 
– less noise.
– avoids static load.
– Suitable for most turntables.
Color: Black, Brown, Natural, Cocoa
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Due to the nature of the material, there may be instances of slight marking or deformation. Such flaws reveal the natural quality of the leather, therefore individual products will vary. 


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